4th Annual Day at the Races
Family Day - Sunday June 22nd 2014

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Volunteers needed for holiday setup/delivery!
Meet at New Moummouth Baptist Chruch (APR/GYM)
At the corner of Cherry Tree Farm Rd & New Mounmouth Rd

Thursday Nov 21st 4pm - Setup room, boxes, setup food.
Friday Nov 22nd 8:30am Unload food from trucks, and pick up & sort school donations.
Friday Nov 22nd 6pm Food basket assembly
Saturday Nov 23rd 8am - Food basket delivery

Wed Dec 18th 4pm Setup room, boxes, setup food.
Thursday Dec 19th 8:30am Unload food from trucks, and pick up & sort school donations.
Friday Dec 20th 8am - Load and unload food trucks.
Friday Dec 20th 6pm Food basket & toy basket assembly
Saturday Dec 21st 8am - Food basket delivery

                 Middletown Helps Its Own is a truly unique organization. We function as an umbrella organization which coordinates the efforts of many other organizations and hundreds of volunteers, from school children to senior citizens, on behalf of our neighbors who are in need
                Middletown Helps Its Own was organized in 1964 by a group of thirteen community and civic organizations as the result of a series of community meetings sponsored by the Courier newspaper regarding coordination of help to the Township’s needy families.

                MHIO’s purpose was to insure that every needy family in Middletown received assistance at Christmas time. Its aim was to eliminate the duplication of effort that typically occurs when many well meaning groups are all attempting to accomplish the same objectives without coordinating with each other.
                In our first years of operation, Middletown Helps Its Own distributed food baskets to less than 50 families. Four decades later, this number has increased to about 300 families at Christmas and a Thanksgiving basket program has been added which reaches about 250 families. Ours is the largest program of its kind in our area. The cost of these programs to our organization is over $30,000 each year. The value of the food, toys and clothing which are donated to us and added to what we buy brings the total value of our distributions to over $40,000.
                Businesses, community organizations, schools, scouts and ordinary citizens living in Middletown all pitch in to provide food, toys, clothing and cash donations to help make each holiday season brighter for our neighbors in need. Deliveries of the gift baskets are handled by volunteers from our member organizations.

Contact Information

President- Don Skrivanek

Phone- 732-787-3604

E-mail- MHIO65@gmail.com


"Help Us Help Your Neighbor"

Middletown Helps Its Own  |  P.O. BOX 105  |  Port Monmouth, NJ   07758